Queer Homes at the Geffrye Museum

June 12, 2013

Explore the meanings and practicalities of home-making for lesbians and gay men past and present at this fascinating roundtable discussion. Wednesday 12 June, 6.00 – 8.00pm, at the Geffrye Museum. With Matt Cook (Birkbeck College), Alison Oram (Leeds Metropolitan University), Amy Murphy (University of East London), and Brent Pilkey (University College London)

* Brent Pilkey’s  research takes a queer  approach to architectural history by looking at the domestic spaces of ordinary Londoners.
* Alison Oram explores how knowledge of same-sex love in the past is disseminated at historic houses, often seen as the most conservative type of heritage site.
* Amy Murphy’s research concerns lesbian identity in post-war Britain, with particular focus on the way it relates to interior, domestic worlds.
* Matt Cook  has investigated how gay men’s lives relate to domestic space across the twentieth century.

Tickets £5 (includes a glass of wine).  Must be booked in advance. Contact Information and Bookings Officer on 020 7739 9893.Organised in partnership with the Raphael Samuel History Centre and with the  support of Birkbeck College   http://www.geffrye-museum.org.uk/whatson/events/adults/   mailto:bookings@geffrye-museum.org.uk


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