Boy, 6, uses Lego to explain gender identity

Thanks to Gstar News:

A six-year-old boy has found a novel way to understand the concept of transgender, through the use of Lego figures. Beth Kohm, deputy executive director of PFLAG (Parents, Friends and Family of Lesbians and Gays) National explained how her son used the building block toys to understand gender identity.

Writing for Huffington Post Gay Voices, Kohm says her son asked what transgender meant after hearing it on a television show. After hesitating, she explained it as simply as possible but ‘also said that it’s a very complicated topic that sometimes even grownups struggle with’. ‘No, it isn’t, Mom,’ replied her son. ‘It is just like my Lego Ninjagos when I put the male heads on the female bodies. No biggie. Can I have a cookie?’

Kohm acknowledges the generation gap, that children these days are exposed to LGBT issues from an early age. ‘For most of us grownups, gender identity is new territory — but so are many things these days,’ she said. It is our responsibility as parents to process all the new that is out there and figure out how to apply our family values to the conversation. ‘For us it was just another way to reinforce the value that we in our home place on respecting the fact that everyone is different.’

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