Classroom Updated!

The Classroom website – our one stop shop for teachers and trainers who want to make LGBT people visible in education – is now up-to-date and very fit for purpose after a long, hard week of intensive therapy.
The renowned website – which promotes equality and diversity by usualising and actualising the existence of LGBT people in the curriculum – was hacked very seriously some time ago and – although usable – many links were broken and some pages were damaged. This has all been seen to now and the site is full of invaluable lesson plans – both our own and those of others – as well as a host of resources across the key stages and across the subject areas of the National Curriculum.
Speaking of the National Curriculum; yes, we know it’s changing and the new curriculum will be effected in September 2014. We will be working on The Classroom throughout the year to meet the demands of the new curriculum by linking the lessons in to the targets or adapting them where the targets and content have fundamentally changed.
In the meantime, please check out The Classroom ( and use it in your lesson planning. Email us at to let us know what you think. And enjoy!
One final thing; if anything doesn’t work or any links are broken, please press the ‘refresh’ button on your browser, as it may have taken you to a previous version of that page

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