Looking Forward to 2013: Documentation of Transphobic Violence in Ireland Project


TENI is pleased to announce that we have been selected to participate in ILGA-Europe’s 2013 Hate Crime Monitoring Project.

The Documentation of Transphobic Violence in Ireland Project will collect important data on hate crimes and transphobic incidences that occur within the Republic of Ireland. This project will enable the trans community and our allies to report any transphobia that they have experienced or witnessed through a secure online form or confidential phone line. These documented experiences will give TENI a snapshot of the current situation facing trans people in Ireland.

This exciting project will provide the evidence that is necessary to address the lack of legislation and policy protecting trans people. It will also be used to advocate for increased trans awareness and service provision by the Gardaí.

Today TENI Director Broden Giambrone and Health and Education Officer Vanessa Lacey are participating in a skills building training hosted by ILGA-Europe in Brussels, Belgium. This two-day workshop will give TENI the necessary tools to effectively monitor, document and report hate crimes and transphobic incidences.

Over the coming weeks we will tell you how you can report an incident and how you can help spread the word about the project.

Transphobia in Ireland: New Edition

TENI has also been funded by ILGA-Europe to update the Transphobia in Ireland ReportAs part of this project, we will be seeking first-hand accounts from people who have experienced hate crime or transphobia in Ireland. More information here.

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