Meet the UK teenagers forced from home for being gay

By Steve Holden Newsbeat reporter

A charity says it’s seeing a growing number of under-25s asking for help after they’ve been made homeless due to their sexuality.

The Albert Kennedy Trust says there was such a demand they set up two temporary crisis centres in London and Manchester.

They now have a waiting list of people wishing to use the service.

The charity also says it’s seen a rise in those who are outed on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Reasons for why young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT) are forced to leave home are varied but it can be based on culture, religion, family morals or the threat of violence in the home.

Newsbeat was given access to one of the crisis homes in London where we spoke to two British teenagers who’ve stayed at the house. It’s known as the Purple Door.

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