Russian girl, 14, punished for ‘gay propaganda’

from Gay Star News

A Russian teen has reportedly been punished for violating the country’s ban on ‘gay propaganda’.

The 14-year-old schoolgirl from the Bryansk region was warned by the local Commission on Affairs of Minors and Protection to never promote ‘non-traditional’ sexualities again.

This is the first time a minor has ever been punished under the law allegedly intended to protect minors.

QueerRussia reports the ninth-grade girl, furious with the anti-gay legislation in Russia, stood up and announced her ‘non-traditional sexual orientation’.

Officials say the student was found guilty of ‘systematically disseminating information directed to the formation of distorted ideas about social equality among traditional and non-traditional sexual relations’.

She reportedly had a ‘preventative talk’ with inspectors, warned and ‘put under control’ by the Commission. The incident will appear on her criminal record.

Earlier today, Russia’s oldest human rights organization said the anti-gay laws were harming children.

They claimed Vladimir Putin’s lawmakers are acting in affiliation with international law, always acting in the interest of a child when making laws, but what is of interest in ‘preserving Russian family values’.

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