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‘As lesbians, we needed a guidebook on parenting’

When Hannah Latham was pregnant, she felt as if she and her partner Rowena were the only people in the world in their situation. So she started up a magazine to help other LGBT families feel less isolated – The Guardian 14.09.13

Now the Prime Minister’s on board, let’s make better sex education a reality

Following David Cameron’s admission that sex education should be modernised to reflect the ‘dangers’ of the internet, Louisa Peacock and Emma Barnett outline the next stages for the Telegraph Wonder Women campaign that got the PM talking about this controversial topic in the first place.

US: Student attempts suicide by ‘hanging himself’ after teacher bullied him with anti-gay slurs

A student in South Carolina, USA, has attempted suicide after a school teacher allegedly used anti-gay slurs against him, calling him “gay,” “gay boy,” “Mrs Pete,” and “Mrs Peters.”

Schools OUT UK is on Facebook!

As of last Saturday (24th August) there is a new page dedicated to Schools OUT UK on Facebook.

Scott Lively Will Be Tried for Fueling Antigay Persecution In Uganda

A federal judge today overruled the American evangelical minister’s request to dismiss an international lawsuit contending that Lively violated human rights by stoking the antigay climate in Uganda.

Why the term ‘gay lifestyle’ offends and is hurtful

Shah Salimat is the editor-in-chief of Popspoken, an entertainment and lifestyle newsblog with a tinge of spice, covering everything Singaporean and international, from India’s gang-rape problem to Baey Yam Keng’s selfies.

Section 28 row: Schools tear up controversial homophobic policies

Responses follow the disclosure that 40 schools had published policy statements echoing language of notorious legislation

Public school appoints first gay head boy

From today’s Sunday Times: A 17-YEAR-OLD is to become the first openly gay head boy of a top British public school.

Will Emery, the son of a banker, was “overwhelmingly” voted in by more than 1,000 pupils and staff at Brighton College, where boarding fees start from £27,000 a year.

Continuing homophobia in schools is the legacy of Section 28

Today’s Guardian says “It’s time for the government to issue new guidance which makes plain to schools their responsibility to support its gay pupils”. And we might add, it’s LGBT teachers as well…

Boy, 6, uses Lego to explain gender identity

A six-year-old boy in the USA has found a creative way to explain and usualise trans people

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