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Schools E-book Competition: design an early reader book

We have the rules finalised for our E-book competition. We’re asking schools around the country to design an early reader e-book that usualises LGBT people as well as others in the Equality Act’s list of protected characteristics. The competition is being run in conjunction with teaching union the ATL. Closing date 15th September 2014.

Schools Film Competition – Out And Inspirational

Schools Film Competition – Out And Inspirational. We have the rules finalised for our film competition. We’re asking schools around the country to make a short film about a British LGBT rights campaigner, plus the life of inspirational US campaigner Harvey Milk. The film is being run in conjunction with The Harvey Milk Foundation. Closing date 20th July 2014.

London: Lecturer who compared gay teachers to the Ku Klux Klan sacked from college

A lecturer at an east London college who compared gay teachers to the Ku Klux Klan and admitted that he loathed Sir Elton John for his “over-burdensome gayism” has been sacked.

Newham College crisis: Principal steps down as ITV News exposes homophobia

The Principal at Newham College has stepped down after ITV News exposed homophobia within senior management. Last Wednesday ITV broadcast a secret recording of academic Dr Mark Wallcot comparing gay teachers to members of the Ku Klux Klan.

NUT LGBT Conference 2013: Bigotry divides, collective action unites

Martin Powell-Davies – member of the NUT National Executive, writes about last Saturday’s LGBT Conference in London: Bigotry divides, collective action unites.

LGBTHM2014 Launched!

Another huge success, the day was hosted by the magnificent University of Birmingham, with children’s workshops in the morning and a extremely entertaining and moving two-hour show in the evening, hilariously introduced by comedien Brbara Nice.

International Trans Remembrance Day

Today (20th November) is the annual International Transgender Day of Remembrance. In the last year 238 trans people have been murdered worldwide. SOUK’s Andrew Dobbin has written ‘Trans – The forgotten strand?’ , looking at Trans issues from an employment and educational viewpoint.

Birmingham leads fight against homophobic/transphobic bullying focusing on primary schools

Schools OUT’s Elly Barnes and her Educate and Celebrate initiative have made headlines in today’s Pink News as she takes the fight for the acceptance of diversity into the classrooms of Birmingham’s primary schools.

More Charities Sharing Schools OUT’s Message on Homo/ Trans phobia In Schools

The following report appeared online soon after Sue Sanders and Shaun Dellenty appeared on BBC Radion London 94.9FM. Homophobic bullying is still common in some schools, a charity has warned, to the extent some teachers are too fearful to reveal their sexuality.

Phasing out teaching assistants is like axing all nurses from the NHS

A report by think tank Reform says government ministers should support headteachers who reduce the amount of TAs and allow class sizes to rise. More money would be available to swell the size of teachers’ salaries and make ‘quality’ teaching count.

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