Over 3000 Manchester secondary school pupils have seen the Exceeding Expectations play – OUTLOUD – which tells the stories of local young peoples’ experiences of homophobia, and the effects of homophobic bullying in the city’s schools.


CyberMentors is the first online peer mentoring support network site that has helped over 1.5 million young people. CyberMentors runs 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The site uses social networking technology with a therapeutic framework, meaning CyberMentors is a fun, accessible and very safe place for young people to reach out for support

WOMANKIND Sexual Bullying in UK Schools

The sexual bullying campaign is part of the WOMANKIND ‘Challenging Violence, Changing Lives’ programme. We work with young people and teachers to identify sexual bullying in the school environment, define it in the school policies, raise awareness across the school and work on preventative strategies to stop it.

Equality: LGB and Trans people

In the last hundred years and more there has been so much discrimination, of so many different kinds, against LGB and Trans people—and there’s been so much reform in the last six years, not all of it fully or accurately reported

Equality & Human Rights Group, Department of Health

Department of Health guides for working with LGB and T people

Equal Rights, Equal Respect

Equal Rights Equal Respect Training video part 1 – Understanding equality and human rights

65% of teachers call for training to make schools safer

Blackburn with Darwen NUT launched its first Prevalence of Homophobia Survey of primary teachers with a foreword by Ms Gladys Rhodes OBE (Strategic Director of Blackburn Children’s Services).

Them and Us

This pack aims to enable schools to improve the quality of personal and social support they provide for students, specifically in relation to the issues of sexuality and sexual orientation.


In schools, many lesbian, gay, bisexual students, teachers, governors and workers keep their sexuality hidden to guard against possible discrimination, harassment and bullying from pupils or staff. This silence creates a double life, which profoundly undermines successful learning, working or teaching, as it forces the individual to deny a vital part of themselves and thereby renders them less than effective.

OFSTED flexible learning materials LGBT

Ofsted logo

The aim of this learning package is to discuss outcomes for a significant group of learners in schools that are often overlooked by school staff and by inspectors.

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