Jewish Gay & Lesbian Group

The Jewish Gay and Lesbian Group, JGLG, was founded in 1972 when a small advert in Gay News attracted the astonishing total of 190 people to a public meeting called to set up the new organisation. Since then the Group has gone from strength to strength and we celebrate our 40th Anniversary in 2012.

We are the longest established Jewish LGBT group in the world. Our membership is open to Jewish men and women who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender including people from many different backgrounds. We welcome non-Jewish partners to all events and non-LGBT & non-Jewish guests to certain events, and although the group is based in London we have many members living across the country.

We are primarily a social rather than religious group, and most of our religious events tend to follow Progressive/Reform traditions. Recently we have attracted many new orthodox members and we are ensuring that JGLG offers events that are suitable for all members, as much as possible.  We have even started hosting occasional  kosher Friday night meals in members’ homes to which all members are invited. These events have added a new dimension to our group and fit into our calendar, alongside our long running tradition of monthly Friday night services held along Progressive/Reform lines.

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