LGBT UK History Project

Details of the LGBT UK History Project:

•1,666 articles (excludes redirection pages, talk pages, etc)
•Fully searchable
•nearly 600 illustrations (mixture of those hosted internally, and those linked in from elsewhere)
•pages on the Wiki have been viewed 800,000 times (currently averaging around 75,000 page views a month)
•timeline from 55BC to 2013, with articles for every century except 8th and 10th
•clickable maps of the UK (plus Channel Isles and Isle of Man)
•articles for every county, city and large town in the UK, plus every local government district in Scotland and Wales
•aiming for every local government district in England (already every unitary authority, metropolitan borough, and London Borough); slightly different approach in Northern Ireland because of current local government reorganisation
•approach is very similar to Wikipedia except that we are UK LGBT only, and include articles on subjects (eg defunct gay groups) that would never be considered anywhere near “notable” enough for inclusion in Wikipedia
•all contentious facts referenced wherever possible
•currently got the top three spots on Google for searches on “lgbt history uk” (LGBT History Month is 4th)

More editors are urgently needed to improve the existing articles, and create new ones (there’s a backlog of over 2,300 articles waiting to be written)

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