NUT Prevalence of Homophobia Survey

Teachers want to be trained in how to deal with homophobia in our schools and we have the evidence.

Homophobia in our schools has been described as ‘epidemic’, the ‘last bastion of the bully’ and ‘the elephant in the room’. Following the Teacher Support Network/Times Education Supplement survey of teachers in 2006 and the Stonewall School report on 2007, the NUT Prevalence of Homophobia Survey began in 2008 in Oldham and further surveys have since rolled out across the North of England. Surveys have been carried out in Oldham (2), Salford, Trafford, Lancashire, Blackpool, Liverpool, Blackburn and Darwen. They are being organised in Nottingham, Brighton and Wakefield and can be found on the Schools OUT website They have all shown that:

  • Homophobic behaviour is commonplace
  • Teachers can be targets as well as students
  • There is a significant demand for whole school training to deal with it.

Following the findings of these surveys, the NUT Luton Division was the first to carry out the survey outside the North and the East Midlands. We hope it will be the first of many.

These surveys are live and ongoing.

All the surveys and their findings are published below. These collected findings are exclusive to Schools OUT
(please note the Birmingham Students’ Survey is also available as an attachment)

NUT Prevalence of Homophobia survey results:

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