Safe to Learn: Embedding Anti-Bullying Work in Schools – Preventing and Responding to Homophobic Bullying in Schools

This guidance was written for the Department by Stonewall and Educational Action Challenging Homophobia (EACH). It was created with the help of children and young people, heads and school staff, community and voluntary sector organisations, representatives of the main faith groups, the professional associations, local authority officers and the trade unions.

Homophobic bullying has a significant impact on schools and individuals within that school. Pupils who experience homophobic bullying are more likely to miss school, less likely to stay in full time education, and are less likely to feel safe, achieve, be healthy and make a positive contribution to their community. It should therefore be central to a school’s ethos that all pupils feel they are safe and protected from bullying. Creating a safe and inclusive atmosphere in this way builds a sense of community within the school which will, in turn, develop and sustain the community which the school serves and supports.

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