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2013 is the 25th anniversary of the arrival of the local government censorship law Section 28, and the 10th anniversary of its repeal.

As part of our commemorations we have created a bank of resources covering the 15 year period that Section 28 was in place, charting the opposition to its creation by Margaret Thatcher’s administration, which led to the setting up of Stonewall, the opposition during its lifetime which led to some of the biggest street demonstrations ever witnessed on the streets of London and Manchester, and its protracted demise, which strangely took until the second term of Tony Blair’s government to achieve.

This material is only a small part of papers relating to Section 28 in the archives of the London School of Economics. The material is available to the public by appointment.

We would like to add to our own archive, and would particularly like to include photographic evidence of that inspirational opposition. Please send us anything relevent that should be seen – either by the current generation of LGBT teachers, academics and activists who were too young to have experienced it, or by those upcoming LGBT people who will otherwise not know it even existed.

Sue Sanders and Gill Spraggs “Section 28 and Education” (1989):
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