The Homophobia Project

This production explores the emotional impact of homophobia in schools and aims to use a unique blend of drama and peer education to challenge homophobic behaviour.

Imagine a world where everyone is lesbian or gay.  All children are brought up by same sex couples and are conceived through artificial insemination.  Despite 1 in 9 secondary school students ‘questioning’ their sexuality being hetero is still often viewed as something dirty or wrong.  Many young people are bullied at school because they are thought to be heterosexual and ‘hetero’; is used as a word to mean pathetic or stupid.
How would it feel to live in this world?

The production requires no technical support and last for 1 ½ hours (including workshop)

The DVD is now also available!

To book this project email or call Claire on 01483 839994.

Peer Productions are supported by the Youth Opportunities Fund (Surrey). The Homophobia Project is supported by the Local Network Fund. For More Information Click Here
Read a Review of the Project from Susan Elkin of SecEd Website 

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