The Homophobia Project – DVD

The Homophobia Project DVD is a 60 minute film which explores the lives of Janet and John; two Heterosexual young people growing up in a world where everyone else is Lesbian or Gay.

This story confronts the stigma often attached to sexuality within our society questioning why so much emphasis and concern is attached to it. It explores the language associated with sexuality, it’s use and how this can effect others.

Teacher’s notes are provided to enable and support structured classroom debate following the screening.

How would it feel to live in this world?

The Homophobia Project explores the emotional impact of homophobia in schools and aims to use a unique blend of drama and peer education to challenge homophobic behaviour.

The touring play, made with the full co-operation and approval of Schools Out was seen in secondary schools across Surrey and beyond in Summer 2007. With generous funding from MediaBox the play was adapted into a feature film.

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