The Story Of Schools Out – Sue Sanders

In February 2013 Sue Sanders spoke at the London offices of Simmons & Simmons Solicitors, who are working with us.

In her talk she explains the growth of Schools Out as a campaign group out of the 1970s interest group The Gay Teachers Association. It is a succinct portrait in societal change; from a period when all LGB teachers were forced to stay in the shadows and live double lives because of the very real threat of dismissal, to now, where at last the idea of LGBT ‘community’, and its need for celebration as a tool against intolerance, is being embraced by a growing number of education authorities, schools and teachers.

If you are a teacher, or member of SLT trying to convince staff and governors of the need for your school to be LGBT-friendly, this is an excellent starting point.

Sue’s talk and her accompanying PowerPoint presentation are available below:

The Story Of Schools Out – Sue Sanders (February 2013)

The Story Of Schools Out – PowerPoint Presentation

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