Them and Us

This pack aims to enable schools to improve the quality of personal and social support they provide for students, specifically in relation to the issues of sexuality and sexual orientation.
Some schools will already have addressed many of the issues described within the pack.

• Your school may have considered the issue of homophobia within their anti-bullying
policy, and within their equal opportunities policy.
• Your school may include sexuality, identity and diversity within your personal, social and
health education (PSHE) curriculum, and through your sex education program.
• Your school may have developed good links with local lesbian, gay and bisexual organizations, and is therefore prepared, if a young person asks for outside support regarding their sexual orientation.
• Or your school may be at an earlier stage, and may be responding to issues as and when they arise.
It does not matter which stage your school is at, as this pack is designed to help all schools to be proactive about lesbian, gay and bisexual issues. It will provide clear advice and guidance on:

1. Dealing consistently with homophobic bullying within an overall anti-bullying framework
2. Introducing sexuality and diversity into the curriculum sensitively and appropriately
3. Supporting individual teachers by clarifying their role in relation to these issues
4. Understanding government guidance and the legal framework in relation to the teaching of lesbian, gay and bisexual issues.

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