‘To Be Straight with You’

‘To Be Straight with You’
Lloyd Newson of DV8 dance theatre company talks about their latest project, “To Be Straight With You”, which explores issues around culture, religion belief, and sexual identity.
Interview by Annie and Sue of LGBT History Month on 15th May 2008.

To Be Straight With You
Duration – 00:15:23

00:00 Introduction of DV8’s latest show “To Be Straight With You”. Development of the piece using 85 interviews of people from broad spectrum of cultures and religions – both lesbian and gay people, and those who hold negative views about homosexuality
02:20 DV8’s work is on A-Level Performance syllabus. Lloyd describes his recent challenging experience of working with afro-carribean students from and inner London catholic school. “Murder music” and students’ (and performers’) resistance to seeing parallels between racism/islamophobia/homophobia
05:20 Discussion about trusting the processes of change when working with young people with homophobic views
08:40 Reaction to “To Be Straight With You”. Representing people justly. Difficulties in finding performers of faith – and especially representing lesbians from ethnic minorities
12:15 Denial and society’s need to talk about the issues. Visibility and its two sides
14:38 DV8’s national tour and its run at the National Theatre planned for late Oct/Nov 2008
15:00 Where to find more information

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