Transgender Guidance for Wrexham Schools 2015

The purpose of the Transgender Guidance for Wrexham Schools 2015  is to:

  • Provide information and guidance to schools in Wrexham on how to more effectively support transgender and gender questioning children and young people and prevent transphobia.
  • Increase the confidence of staff in supporting transgender children and young people or those that are coming out as trans* or beginning to question their gender identity by providing an introduction to trans* identities and the issues trans* children and young people may face.
  • Provide information that will allow schools to feel confident that they are complying with the Equality Act 2010 and meeting their Public Sector Equality Duty obligations.
  • Highlight areas to consider when developing whole school policy and practice that will allow trans* children and young people to achieve at school and will reduce transphobic discrimination and bullying.

Underlying Principles
Practice to support trans* children and young people should be embedded across school policies and curriculum and build on best practice already in place to meet the Public Sector Duty of the Equality Act and eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations.
However, schools and other settings may be particularly challenged by the specific needs of trans* children and young people and this guidance document is intended to support settings to explore these challenges and find solutions in the best interests of the child or young person and the wider school community. This guidance can therefore support schools to review and develop policies related to equality, curriculum, antibullying and wider.

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