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Mission Statement.

Equality does not come through legislation and regulation alone. It also requires a change of culture – the culture of our society and, more particularly, the culture of our schools and colleges. Schools OUT seeks to address issues of equality through both the legislative/regulative and cultural routes as they mutually reinforce each other.

Schools and colleges.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people have been routinely excluded from school and college curricula. Our lives and achievements are either ignored or distorted into a false image of who we were/are. From this comes the ignorance that allows for the stereotyping on which prejudice and negative discrimination depend. Homophobic bullying is a direct consequence of this carefully engineered ignorance.

All young people believe they “know” some things about LGBT people. This “truth” is mainly derived from the stereotyping that abounds in our society. For those young people who have to relate to the reality of LGBT people’s lives – those that are LGBT, are questioning their gender identity, are presumed by others to be LGBT, or have LGBT family or friends – such stereotyping and distortion is particularly harmful. However it diminishes the knowledge and therefore the understanding of ALL students.

We therefore seek:

  1. Government guidance for the creation of inclusive curricula appropriate to age and ability of students and both within and outside the National Curriculum;
  2. Training for all teachers and student teachers in initial teacher training, GTP and other routes to qualified teacher status on the issues and how to explore these issues through the curriculum and training for all support staff;
  3. School and college inspection to include proper consideration of the inclusivity of the delivered curriculum as based upon above guidance;
  4. The development of support for LGBT staff and governors, as it is frequently from them that good practice is initiated and developed, and recognition of the positive role played by those of us who choose to be open about their LGBT status;
  5. Training on the Employment Regs (Sexual Orientation) and their full implications for staff, schools, colleges and local authorities;
  6. To support schools, colleges and their staff in developing equal opportunity and anti-bullying policy and practice;
  7. Support for the celebration within schools, colleges and universities and society as a whole of LGBT History Month (see below).

Without work to progress these issues homophobia and other forms of prejudice and discriminatory practice will continue to abound and equality will remain elusive.

LGBT History Month UK.

As a tool to encourage this culture change within both schools and colleges and society as a whole, Schools OUT initiated LGBT History Month UK in February 2005, to be celebrated annually. The DfES initially supported this initiative however in 2007 they withdrew their funding. However LGBT History Month 2007 is a resounding success with over 500 events. .

We therefore seek:

  1. Endorsement of the Month and its aims from the widest range of institutions, organisations and individuals and active involvement by the above in its development and celebration;
  2. Funding to maintain and develop the work. 

Schools OUT will continue to campaign, educate and lobby on these issues and provide support to LGBT teachers and any one else who needs it, in eradicating homophobia and institutional heterosexism.


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans people are,

black, white, dual heritage, daughters,
sons, aunts, mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, uncles, grand fathers, grand mothers, friends, colleagues, workers, unwaged, students, teachers, customers, disabled, able-bodied Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian, living in both rural and urban areas, of all religions and none, old & young, women & men, from every political perspective.

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