Binary Gender System - A system that forces all people into only two categories - either man or woman, boy or girl. In this system men and women are expected to look and behave in a particular ways that are different from one another.

Biphobia - Treating a person who identifies as bisexual less favourably than someone who identifies as heterosexual, lesbian or gay. This includes saying that a person is only bisexual as they are too 'cowardly' to 'admit' that they are actually gay or lesbian, or that bisexuality is just a phase.

Bisexual - a person who is attracted to both men and women within a binary gender system

Discrimination - Is when you are treated less favourably than someone else either because of your real or perceived sexual orientation, your gender, your ethnicity or religion etc.,

Gender - How you feel and experience your gender. It is not defined by your biological or anatomical sex, it can be fluid i.e masculine, feminine, androgynous, genderqueer

Gender Stereotype - The assumption that boys and girls must carry out distinct roles i.e all boys play football or all girls are physically weaker than boys

Heterosexism - A system of beliefs and behaviours based on the assumption that heterosexuality is better than homosexuality. Heterosexism is very closely related to homophobia.

Heterosexual - A person who is attracted to a person of the “opposite” gender within a binary gender system. “Straight” is often used to mean heterosexual.


Homophobia - Treating lesbians, gay men and bisexuals (or those who are seen as being LGB) less favourably than heterosexuals because of their sexual orientation.


Homosexual - A person who is attracted to a person of the “same” gender within a binary gender system.

LGBTQ - Stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, queer. The Q sometimes stands for questioning.


Ofsted - The official government body for carrying out school inspections across the United Kingdom.

Queer - A person who does not want to have their sexual orientation reduced to an either/or term such as heterosexual or homosexual. Lots of different people identify as queer (including people who are heterosexual), and many of them think that a binary gender system is too limiting. The term “queer” is often used by and about people who are traditionally seen as lesbian or gay.

Sexism - Treating a person less favourably because of their sex or gender.

Sexual Orientation - describes who you are physically and sexually attracted to

Stereotype - A generalization, usually exaggerated or oversimplified and often offensive, that is used to describe or distinguish a group

Transman - A person who has been brought up by wider society as female, who sees themselves as male.

Trans person - A trans person is anyone who refuses to conform to, or doesn’t fit within, a binary gender system. They may identify as a transman or a transwoman or as something else entirely - such as “genderqueer”. There are many different trans identities, and “trans” does not only refer to people to have had (or want to have) gender reassignment surgery.

Transphobia - Treating a person who displays their gender in unconventional ways less favourably than those who may be more conventional.


Transwoman - A person who has been brought up by wider society as male, who sees themselves as female.