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5. Speak out.

If you can, do this face to face. It’s a good idea to have your safe friend with you if possible. However, if you do not wish to speak to a teacher (which might mean you coming ‘out’ to them as LGBTQ) you could write to them by setting up an anonymous e-mail account specifically for this purpose. This may be better than sending an anonymous letter because you would be able to receive a reply. You could also ask your safe friend (see point 1) to speak on your behalf.

Alternatively, you can click here and download a specially designed form that we will forward to your school on your behalf. Please remember that if you choose this route you be unable to get a personal response.

You should always aim to speak out in the following order. This is your chain of action. Only move on to the next level if you do not get a satisfactory response. Always be polite.


1. Your safe friend


2.     Your subject/ class teacher


3.     Your head of year

4. Your Head Teacher

5. Board of Governors

6.     Make a noise on the day of an Ofsted inspection

(for details of when these are consult your Head Teacher or Board of Governors)


7. An outside organization, such as Connexions Direct