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6. Achieving a satisfactory response

A satisfactory response is one that you feel comfortable with. You understand why the school or teacher is behaving in the way that they are and are able to accept it.

A satisfactory response could be that the school or teacher has taken you seriously, listened to you and implemented relevant changes in the school to promote and protect your rights as a pupil.

It may be important for you to feel that those who have discriminated against you have been held to account.

Always remember however that in a democracy everyone has rights. Your rights come first, but so do everyone else’s. We all have to accept some limits on our rights some times in order to make sure others are treated fairly.

The sorts of changes that your school could make include teacher training on LGBTQ issues, re-working lesson plans to be more inclusive, and re-wording inclusion statements.

The school could make sure that everyone knows the consequences they can expect if pupils engage in sexist, biphobic, homophobic or transphobic behaviour, and the consequences if teachers fail to challenge this behavior.

Please see for changes your teachers could implement.

You might also like to set up a Gay Straight Alliance in your school.