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7. Where a response is unsatisfactory

If you have gone through all the steps we’ve suggested, and your school has not given a satisfactory response, you can get in touch with the young people's representatives at Schools OUT by e-mailing either or

Alternatively, you may like to contact your local Member of Parliament or Councilor and tell them what has happened to you. You can find out who your local MP is, and their contact details if you go to You can also find this information out if you ring the House of Commons Information Office on 0207 219 4272 or e-mail:

You can find contact details for your local Councilor through your local authority or on the web at


If you feel legal action is your only option (and this should really only ever be a last resort) then you may like to contact one of these organisations:


Advice Now
Accurate, up-to-date information on rights and legal issues

The Citizens Advice Bureau
Provides free, independent and confidential legal advice and can help yopu find a solicitor. To receive advice, contact your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau, which you can find either by visiting the website, ringing 020 7833 2181 or contacting your local authority’s information office at your nearest town hall. They also have a separate website giving advice on a range of topics including human rights at

The Community Legal Service
Online ‘legal aid calculator’ which you can use to see if you qualify for legal aid and a helpline that gives free initial legal help and advice on some issues Telephone: 0845 345 4345


Law Centres Federation
Law Centres provide a free and independent profesisonal legal service to people who live in their catchment areas. The Federation doesn’t provide legal advice but can give you information about your nearest Law Centre if you contact them.
Telephone: 0207 387 8570


An independent human rights organisation, which runs an advice line for members of the public with human rights queries.
Advice line: 0845 123 2307
(Mon and Thurs: 6.30-8.30pm; Weds: 12.30-2.30pm).


Rights of Women
A voluntary organisation committed to informing, educating and empowering women about their legal rights. They have an advice line providing free confidential legal advice to women.
Advice line: 0207 251 6577
Textphone: 0207 490 2562
(Tues – Thurs: 2-4pm and 7-9pm; Fri: 12-2pm).