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Prayers For Bobby - Trailer

True story of Mary Griffith, gay rights crusader, whose teenage son committed suicide due to her religious intolerance. Based on the book of the same title by Leroy Aarons. Stars Sigourney Weaver.

OUT TO THE FAMILY is a 15-minute animated DVD produced by Leeds Animation Workshop, dealing with social issues including equal rights and family problems, the films are commended for their success in raising awareness, introducing a subject, or starting a discussion.

This animated DVD shows six families, from a wide range of backgrounds, each coming to terms with the developing sexual or gender identity of a son or daughter. It aims to help parents and others understand more about the issues facing their teenagers, and how best to help them.

“Young people questioning their sexuality are often lonely and isolated,” say Leeds Animation Workshop. “They desperately need the support of their families. But lots of parents make negative comments that make teenagers afraid to talk to them. Others are shocked when they discover their children are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Some react in the heat of the moment and even reject their children. Later, they may deeply regret the harm this can do.”

Family acceptance and support can make all the difference for these young people. Without it, they are vulnerable to serious social or mental health problems, and three times more at risk of suicide.

OUT TO THE FAMILY is narrated by Felix Dexter. It is suitable for young people, parents and families, at home or in groups and classrooms. It is now available for sale or hire on a non-profit basis on DVD or video.

A booklet is supplied free with the DVD, which is available from Leeds Animation Workshop at the address below for £40, including VAT, p&p. (50% discount for Leeds organisations.) Also for hire from £10 inclusive.

OUT AT WORK is a 15-minute animated video resource pack by Leeds Animation Workshop. It offers a simple introduction to the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation, Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003.
These equality regulations have now outlawed discrimination. But old-fashioned attitudes don’t change overnight, and many people who are lesbian, gay or bisexual are still not being treated fairly.

The film tells the stories of six workers in a variety of jobs. They come from very different backgrounds, and each has their own way of dealing with prejudice against lesbians, gays and bisexuals.

  • James is a young man looking for work in IT
  • Meena is starting her first job in a hospital
  • Ryan is a mechanic, and a father
  • Sarah is a teacher
  • Barry has worked for years in a hotel kitchen
  • Chrissie has never met anyone openly gay before, but stands up for Tim when he joins the team in her office.

Their stories focus on the issues that face an LGB person at work: going for an interview, starting a new job, how you deal with coming out, what happens when your partner gets ill, what it feels like when you are on your own, and when you get some support. They show how the equality laws can work in everyday situations, and why they are important for all of us.

Extract from Out At Work - Sarah's Story

Leeds Animation Workshop, the non-profit-making co-operative company that produced the DVD, has made over 30 productions on subjects including equality, harassment, workplace and family problems. Commissioned by the Women and Equality Unit at the DTI, OUT AT WORK was produced in partnership with the TUC, Citizens Advice, Yorkshire and the Humber Regional TUC LGBT Forum, GALYIC (Gay and Lesbian Youth in Calderdale) and Leeds Chamber of Commerce.

Suitable for groups or individuals, the DVD is ideal for showing in meetings, education or training, to employees, employers, and the public. It gets the message across about the new equality rights for lesbians, gays and bisexuals at work – what they are, why we need them, and why they are a good thing.

OUT AT WORK is available on DVD (which includes an English subtitled version), or on VHS (with or without subtitles). A booklet is supplied free with the film, which is available for hire or for sale from:

Leeds Animation Workshop
45 Bayswater Row, Leeds LS8 5LF 
Tel/fax: 0113 248 4997

Outside the Lines: The Education of Debra Chasnoff
Linda Villarosa of After Ellen's interview with Debra Chasnoff, Oscar-winning film director of It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School. For the full article please click the link below

Very moving Dutch video of young man singing about his 2 fathers
This is a video of a young teenager, if that, in Holland singing about his two adoptive gay fathers. Not only is the kid a great singer but totally unselfconscious and proud of his adoptive family.

Further videos can be seen on Schools Out new YouTube page at:

See It My Way: Reflections Of Learner Experience - Learning Skills Council
Do we really appreciate what a difference we can make to the many learners we work with?

Teachers, tutors, lecturers, managers, leaders—we all have the power to do things that can transform people’s lives. And we can use our influence more wisely if we understand more about how learners themselves experience the world.
The short film was created by three different groups of learners reflecting on their experiences of learning to arrive at viewpoints you may not have heard before.

Reflection 1: Sexual orientation - A group of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people at the Staying Out project in Hackney, London

These films deliver messages that are direct and compelling. They do not deliver rules and prescriptions or tell us what to do. They do ask us to think for ourselves, share ideas and, above all else, talk to the learners we work with. And they do raise fundamental questions that are relevant not just to these particular groups, but to all the many different learners we work with. With this in mind, we hope that ‘See it my way...’ will be useful to people working in all areas of the education system.

Information Sheet (pdf document)

Video - (Opens in a New Window)
Choose 'Run' At the Screen Prompt Video - (Opens in a New Window) Choose Run at the Screen Prompt

You Don't Know Me

Vibrant, focussed clear film exploring lgbt issues in South London following the murder of David Morley, can be used in the classroom with secondary school learners. This video can be seen in two parts on our YouTube site: -

'Pride not Prejudice’ Sexual orientation discrimination and harassment in the workplace DVD
This DVD focuses on discrimination and harassment at work on the grounds of sexual orientation. It explains the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) regulations which were introduced in December 2003 and describes how they protect people in the workplace. It also provides information on the options available to deal with discrimination and harassment.

(2007, 31 minutes [main section], colour, English subtitles, DVD format)
for the flyer in pdf format - click here (new window)

Anti-homophobia DVD resource for teachers

Spare Tyre’s acclaimed show for secondary schools BURNING has now been released as an anti-homophobia DVD resource for teachers that supports the PSHE curriculum KS3 and KS4. The show toured London schools in autumn 2004 and nationally in 2005.

In addition to the BURNING DVD, the resource pack contains a booklet with two 50-minute lesson plans on how to deal with the subjects of homophobia, identity and choice, including suggested questions and summaries for teachers. The Teachers’ Pack offers additional resources, exercises and ideas.

“Some excellent answers came about through the thought provoking material. It’s a difficult subject to approach generally due to prejudice and lack of knowledge.” - Teacher, Ravens Wood, Bromley

“It touched on a number of issues important to young people. I was surprised that so many students admitted that they would have bullied in a homophobic way.” - Teacher, Hounslow Manor School, Hounslow

One copy of BURNING is available free to all educationalists, education providers and organisations working with young people. If you feel you would be in a position to distribute BURNING amongst your key PSHE coordinators please email us on with details of the quantity you require. Multiple copies to the same institutions are available, but will be charged at a rate of £10 each (inc P&P).

Spare Tyre also offer the training session ‘Using the BURNING DVD in your Classroom’, for PSHE Coordinators and teachers. Sessions are charged at £150 and last for 2 hours. Please email us on to book or for further information on the company.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if I can supply any further information. I look forward to hearing your comments/seeing the review on the DVD.

Spare Tyre Theatre Company
Interchange Studios Hampstead Town Hall
213 Haverstock Hill, London NW3 4QP

T/F: 020 7419 7007

The Centre for HIV & Sexual Health is proud to have launched last week a new
DVD - 'OUT THERE!' which is now available to order

'Out There' is a new DVD highlighting the positive aspects of lesbian, gay and bisexual lives and can be used in both formal and informal education settings.

The DVD provides positive images of lesbian, gay and bisexual people, using real life abstracts and focussing on people's hobbies, passions and daily activities.

The DVD is accompanied by a training guide and is suitable for organisations wishing to promote a more positive and balanced image of lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

The reviews we've had on previews so far have been extremely positive including;-

  • "Training is an essential part of service delivery, knowledge and understanding form the bedrock of delivering respectful and accessible services. This resource provides a great introduction to the breadth of gay and lesbian life and will help individuals across health and social care'"
    Dr Justin Varney
    Chair of the Department of Health Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
    Employment Workstream

  • "One of the best resources I have ever seen on this subject."
    Kim Wilson, PSHE Lead

An order form is attached, but if you would like further information, please contact us on
Tel: 0114 226 1900,
Email: or order on-line at

Order Form (pdf)

Stamp Out Homophobia: 7th December, 2005
A 270 foot, long petition of double sheets bearing thousands of footprints with the message “Stamp Out Homophobia in Our Schools” wound its way round Westminster on 7 December 2005.

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