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To find out more about this play read HERE

'Brief Encounters'
'Brief Encounters' is a thought provoking, educative piece of drama about the lives of a group of young Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer and Straight people at school.

In collaboration with Central School of Speech and Drama; US based theatre company, Fringe Benefits and Gendered Intelligence (an organisation that works with young people, delivering creative workshops in schools and colleges to generate discussion and debate around gender) approximately 50 young people came together to produce our play 'Brief Encounters'.

Accompanying the play is a workshop and a teacher's pack.

The play and workshop is aimed at Year 10 ­ 13 students and designed to fit into the PSHE national curriculum as it looks at personal issues such as identity and relationships.

For more information, please contact Jay Stewart at Gendered Intelligence


'To Be Straight with You'
Lloyd Newson of DV8 dance theatre company talks about their latest project, "To Be Straight With You", which explores issues around culture, religion belief, and sexual identity.
Interview by Annie and Sue of LGBT History Month on 15th May 2008.
Duration - 00:15:23

00:00 Introduction of DV8's latest show "To Be Straight With You". Development of the piece using 85 interviews of people from broad spectrum of cultures and religions - both lesbian and gay people, and those who hold negative views about homosexuality
02:20 DV8's work is on A-Level Performance syllabus. Lloyd describes his recent challenging experience of working with afro-carribean students from and inner London catholic school. "Murder music" and students' (and performers') resistance to seeing parallels between racism/islamophobia/homophobia
05:20 Discussion about trusting the processes of change when working with young people with homophobic views
08:40 Reaction to "To Be Straight With You". Representing people justly. Difficulties in finding performers of faith - and especially representing lesbians from ethnic minorities
12:15 Denial and society's need to talk about the issues. Visibility and its two sides
14:38 DV8's national tour and its run at the National Theatre planned for late Oct/Nov 2008
15:00 Where to find more information

'The Homophobia Project'
This production explores the emotional impact of homophobia in schools and aims to use a unique blend of drama and peer education to challenge homophobic behaviour.

Imagine a world where everyone is lesbian or gay.  All children are brought up by same sex couples and are conceived through artificial insemination.  Despite 1 in 9 secondary school students ‘questioning’ their sexuality being hetero is still often viewed as something dirty or wrong.  Many young people are bullied at school because they are thought to be heterosexual and ‘hetero’; is used as a word to mean pathetic or stupid.
How would it feel to live in this world?

The production requires no technical support and last for 1 ½ hours (including workshop)

To book this project email or call Claire on 01483 839994.

Peer Productions are supported by the Youth Opportunities Fund (Surrey). The Homophobia Project is supported by the Local Network Fund. For More Information Click Here
Read a Review of the Project from Susan Elkin of SecEd Website

Gay and Lesbian Youth In Calderdale (GALYIC)
Members of GALYIC have developed a dynamic one-hour presentation for schools and youth groups.  It includes a music quiz, video extracts, poetry, audience participation, and is divided into four sections:  GALYIC; Coming Out; Homophobic Bullying; and Challenging Stereotypes.  It has already been delivered to two schools with a very good response from staff and pupils.  For further information ring 01706 817235 or click here to visit their website: -

Gay by Leicestershire County Council Anti-Bullying Team and Robert Higgs

Leicestershire County Council has teamed up with successful writer and performer Robert Higgs to produce a new play for schools on Homophobic Bullying. Click here to download the flyer

FIT by Stonewall, Queer up North and Rikki Beadle-Blair

Stonewall has teamed up with queerupnorth to produce FIT, a play to tackle homophobic bullying which will tour secondary schools around the country this autumn. Written by Rikki Beadle-Blair who has previously worked with the BBC and Channel 4, this entertaining and accessible play tells the story of six young people attempting to discover their identities and accept each other. We ask that you circulate this email to your relevant contacts. For more information or to book, contact or call 07758821938.

‘Don’t Fence Me In’ is a hard hitting, interactive performance piece that encourages the audience to take responsibility for their language choices.  They have the opportunity to help resolve some of the issues that arise between the characters, using the style of forum theatre, thus empowering the pupils to reach their own conclusions as a group.. Press release here


Pretend Families is Spare Tyre Theatre Company’s new primary school play with music, about 3 children who find it difficult to be honest with their friends about their families. Jojo’s parents are breaking up, Zeb has lost his parents and now lives with his Nan. Martina has two mums

More here (Word document)

The Journey Man
Assemblies, performances and workshops from internationally travelled storyteller - The Journey Man

Click Here to visit The Journey Man's Website
Click for 2009 LGBT History Month brochure (pdf)

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