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This section contains further useful tools and resources that do not fit into the main menu categories. This section of the site is periodically updated with new material.

Our newly researched, comprehensive links section has links under a wide range of categories:
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GI Mentoring Banner
Gendered Intelligence is now taking on new clients for our mentoring service, which is available to trans students in education in the UK. The service is confidential and is at no cost to the student. This is an ideal opportunity to sign up if you are starting or continuing education in the next academic year (2012 - 2013).

The idea is to provide one-on-one mentoring sessions with a Gendered Intelligence trans mentor, to help trans students who may be struggling with managing gender issues, experiencing some of the challenges of living as a trans person in education or may have existing mental health issues which are exacerbated by being trans.
The service is paid for by funding available to help students with particular needs in Higher Education, so it can be provided at no cost to your university. In order to qualify for funding, you need a letter from a doctor confirming a mental health diagnosis as evidence of your need for mentoring. This includes ‘Gender Identity Disorder’ as well as diagnoses such as depression or anxiety. If you are not sure if you qualfiy, please contact us.
We can also provide mentoring for some students in further education or secondary school, but we will need to discuss funding with your institution. Please contact us for more details.
We can provide practical support with social and medical transition (such as assistance with information, name changes, referrals, etc). We can also advise on organisation and study skills, careers, housing and financial information. We provide advocacy support - to ensure your needs are met within your university of institute of education, by talking to academic staff or unviersity administration about any issues, either with you or on your behalf.
Any enquiries we make to your university will be strictly anonymous unless you’ve authorised us to disclose your identity. 

If you think you might benefit from mentoring with Gendered Intelligence, or if you have any questions about any aspect of the service, please contact us at


Training for in equality for public sector
The Learning and Skill Improvement Service is offering two sources of help to the organisations in the public sector, especially in education, that are preparing to meet their equality duties with regard to trans people.  GIRES has contributed to both of these developments and believes that they will improve the experiences of trans people in the public sector, both as employees and service users.

Red Arrow A free e-learning facility:

Red Arrow A seminar for professionals:


Trans Equality: Advice from the TUC on Trans rights in the workplace
A briefing for unions and workplace reps on issues for Trans workers and on the new Gender Recognition Act (June 2004). The briefing covers definitions, the legal position, the process of changing gender, and gives advice on common workplace issues for trans people.


Essential Trans Reading - a personal reading list provided by Simon Croft around Female to Male and general Trans issues. Feel free to email us and add to the list.
Download the book list by click here

Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES)

Prevalence and Growth of Gender Variance in the UK: GIRES is preparing a paper on this topic for publication in a peer reviewed journal.  So far, it has published the abstract and also presented its main findings at the LGBT Health Summit in Bristol, on 4 September 2008.  This material is on view at:

Information about the Gender Recognition Panel: GIRES is keeping track of the rate at which the Panel is issuing Gender Recognition Certificates and the likely time that applicants (including those who have been required to reapply) will have to wait for a decision.  This data, together with other information about the Panel is on view at:

Transphobic Bullying in Schools: The British Home Office has commissioned GIRES to develop a toolkit for schools to use in combating transphobic bullying and provided a link to it from the Crime Reduction section of its own website.  GIRES has consulted widely in preparing this material and has already incorporated most of the good suggestions generated by that process into the current version of the document.  The consultation process is ongoing and GIRES will be very happy to receive further suggestions for improving the material.  There are currently two versions of the toolkit.  The first is designed for easy internet navigability and contains hyperlinks to other material within the toolkit and located externally.  The second is an easy to print version.  Like all GIRES material, the toolkit is subject to the charity's copyright policy (see  However, schools, as well as other organisations, are specifically permitted to use it, in whole or in part, for internal discussion and teaching.  Both versions may be accessed via:

This publication provides answers to the questions typically asked by parents of gender variant children and young people (up to the age of 17). It helps families to understand about gender variance and gives some suggestions about how to respond.
This publication has been written in consultation with parents of gender variant children and young people, and is also based on the authors’ work with this group.

To visit GIRES website click here
Download the publication by clicking here (pdf)

Just Plain Sense: Gender Dysphoira - A Mothers' Tale
What do you do when your child exhibits markedly gender-atypical play behaviour almost as soon as they can walk and tells you, by the time they are four years old, that there’s been a mistake? Listen to the podcast

Just Plain Sense aims to provide a mix of talks and interviews about Equality and Diversity in Britain today. In coming weeks I hope to capture an increasingly diverse range of voices to talk first hand about what it means to work towards and live in a tolerant, diverse society -- and what we still need to do to get there. Christine Burns

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