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Schools OUT publishes the news stories below to keep people informed and encourage debate. Some of these news stories contain a tone and/or a content that is homo/transphobic. A news story featured here does not necessarily reflect the position of Schools OUT. To fully understand where we stand browse the website or check our mission statement here:

2004 Archive: Links to news stories from 2004 are below:

New guide to tackle homophobic bullying (26/11/04)
Queerbashing: after school clubs (24/11/04)
Stephen Twigg, schools minister, Department for Education and Skills - The voice of experience (10/11/04)
Murder of David Morley 4th known murder victim of homophic attack in London (10/11/04)
Reporting on 30 years of Schools Out (12/10/04)
Government to tackle homophobic bullying (8/10/04)
LGBT History Month - letter from Rt Hon Jacqui Smith (13/8/04)
LGBT History Month (7/7/04)
DfES update to tackling homophobia (21/6/04)
reachOUT website launched (21/06/04)
Tacking Homophobia (secondary schools) - article from Teachers, July 2004 (PDF) (21/06/04)
Tacking Homophobia 2 (primary schools) - article from Teachers, July 2004 (PDF) (21/06/04)
Times Educational Supplement article on homophobia on schools (28/5/04)
Patricia Hewitt at DTI/Stonewall conference pledges anti-homophobic bullying measures (undated)

Result of judicial review on sexual orientation regulations (undated)

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