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Schools Urged to Plan Ahead for Anti-bullying Week 2005

Every school in England is being urged to get ahead for Anti-Bullying Week, with a special activity pack sent out by the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

Anti-Bullying Week will run from 21 to 25 November, with the theme of getting children and young people involved in tackling bullying.

The pack includes 50 suggestions for activities which schools could adapt during Anti-Bullying Week, such as role plays looking at the role of bystanders and getting pupils involved in drawing up anti-bullying strategies. They also contain a questionnaire that schools can use to monitor levels of bullying and a checklist of things schools should be doing in the longer term.

The final day of Anti-Bullying Week, Friday 25 November, has been designated Blue Friday and everyone in schools is encouraged to wear blue to show their support and solidarity. This year schools will be able to order blue wristbands in bulk from a designated website -

Children's Commissioner Al Aynsley Green has backed Anti-Bullying Week and urged schools to get involved. In a letter introducing the pack, he explains: "My role is to provide a national platform for children and young people's voices about issues that are important to them. Bullying and the misery and harm it causes children and young people are top of my postbag.

"We must work together to address this important issue. I am asking schools in particular to get involved with Anti-Bullying Week and Blue Friday and show their commitment to tackling bullying."

Vanessa Cooper, national coordinator of the Anti-Bullying Alliance commented: "This year's Anti-Bullying Week is all about focusing on the positive role young people themselves can play. Of course, we don't expect bullying to be dealt with in a single week but we hope schools will use this as a stimulus to commit to long-term and sustainable measures to prevent and deal with this problem."

The Anti-Bullying Week materials are also available to download via the Anti-Bullying Alliance website:

1) The Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA) brings together 65 organisations from the voluntary, public and private sectors to work together to reduce bullying and create safer environments for children and young people. ABA is based at the National Children's Bureau. For more information visit

2) The Anti-Bullying Week packs have been sent out to 24,705 primary, secondary and special schools across England. Any schools which have not received one can access materials online at

3) The National Children's Bureau (NCB) promotes the voices, interests and well-being of all children and young people across every aspect of their lives. As an umbrella body for the children's sector in England and Northern Ireland, we provide essential information on policy, research and best practice for our members and other partners. For more visit

For more information contact Tracey Sands, NCB media office, on 020 7843 6045 or email

Click here to download 50 ideas for anti-bullying week (PDF document)

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