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Outstanding Achievement award for Schools Out co-founder

The International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network - - has awarded Clio's Silver Cup for outstanding achievements in documenting and spreading information about lesbian and gay history to British teacher, Sue Sanders for bringing LGBT history to school classes through LGBT History Month.
The award was presented at the free public festival of LGBT writers, artists, documentary filmmakers, singers and poets - "Moonbow in Exile for Belarus" - which took place over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, October 7,8,9, 2005,
at the Soho Community Safety Office, 24 Peter Street, W1.

Paul Patrick, co-chair of the LGBT History Month Steering Group with Sue, said, "This is a much deserved award to a woman who has worked tirelessly for LGBT issues in education for over thirty years. Her hard work, commitment and inspiration has changed the face of equality education in Britain. Her work with LGBT History Month is about to change LGBT cultural life both within schools and colleges and society beyond!"

Sue declared, "I am honoured to receive this award, but it is not for me alone. It is for all of us who have struggled over the years to make visible and honour the lives and achievements of LGBT people. It is time that we took our rightful place in the cultures of our and every other society, in the curricula of our schools and in the world."

Her citation, which is attached, reads,

" ….for pioneering educational campaigns in British schools……describing the struggle of lesbian, gay and transgender activists fighting for dignity, respect and visibility.

"….for launching the enormously successful UK Lesbian & Gay History Month….as a remarkable milestone against crippling indifference, ignorance hatred and homophobia.

"….for climbing on the human rights barricade in each new classroom and with every new history month - daring to take yet another chance to educate and liberate both homo and hetero youngsters who must share a common world."

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