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Silence Is NOT Golden

OUTeverywhere launches a major new web site to tackle homophobia

OUTeverywhere launches a major new web site to tackle homophobia by raising awareness and breaking through the silence that surrounds the lives of people affected by homophobia and hate crime.

OUTeverywhere has developed a web site;, which will be dedicated to tackling homophobia by raising awareness of the issues and encouraging people to step forward and say something. Silence Is Not Golden is not just a facility to raise awareness but also makes it easier for those people affected to report a homophobic hate crime by explaining what might be classed as a homophobic incident, why you should report it and the different options you have to report it.

"After attending the Gay Police Association Celebrate Conference and watching The Laramie Project production, I felt motivated to put our resources to good use. No-one should have to put up with the stress, pain and fear that homophobia creates. Everyone is an individual, everyone is different, and no matter who you are, you have the right to live your life without fear and prejudice" commented OUTeverywhere's Marketing and Outreach Officer, Lisa Crow, who is heading up the Silence is Not Golden project.

OUTeverywhere is working with Police Forces around the UK to distribute information about homophobic crimes in order to assist the Police in seeking further information from the gay community. This will include appeals for witnesses and information. They are also working with other policing organisations around the UK, giving these organisations the chance to voice their commitment to tackling homophobia and empower gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people to report hate crime.

"We want to create a better understanding and make everyone, not just gay people, more aware of the effects of homophobia and what it is" remarked Jason Finch, founder of OUTeverywhere. "By using the real life experiences and opinions of visitors and users of the site we can raise awareness and illustrate what really happens. We will be encouraging people to tell their friends to look at the site and show their support using downloadable banners and posters ".

Although OUTeverywhere is a membership organisation dedicated to bringing gay people together - and not a campaigning group in any shape or form - their values and ethos are very much about providing positive support for LGBT people and taking a socially responsible role within the gay community. This isn't about campaigning; it's simply about providing a voice for people and an easy way to report crimes to the Police, anonymously through OUTeverywhere if people choose.

OUTeverywhere is not receiving any external funding or grants for this work so they would like to say a big thank you to all their Members, without whom they would not be able to offer such support to the wider gay community.