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Stamp Out Homophobia

Birmingham Students have started the campaign 'Stamp Out Homophobia'. (see photos here) They will be attending several prides across the summer with sheets and paint and inviting people to paint their bare feet or shoes and leave a footprint on a sheet, those that find that too bothersome can hand print a sheet that says 'Homophobia Hand off our Schools'. On both counts people are invited to sign their prints. These sheets will be collected and sewed together and we will take them in glow of publicity to Downing street or Parliament in the autumn.

So when you are at pride check us out we are hoping to cover the following ones. If you are going to one that is not on the list and would be prepared to set up such an event let us know and we can help you out.

There has been a flurry of interest in the press on tackling homophobia in schools so let's keep it there!!!

Canterbury Pride: Saturday 11 June 2005
Leicester Pride: Saturday 25 June 2005
Pride London: Saturday 2 July 2005
Nottingham Pride: Saturday 23rd July 2005
Pride In Brighton & Hove: Saturday 6 August 2005
Manchester Pride: 19-29 August 2005
East of England Pink Picnic: Saturday 20 August 2005
Cardiff Mardi Gras: Saturday 10 September 2005