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Cassell's Pink Directory
An up to date guide of organisations, communities, services & businesses serving the lesbian, gay & bisexual communities.
Published by Cassell's. £4.99. 0-30433085.

Cassell's Queer Companion
A dictionary of lesbian, gay & bisexual culture. Much you wanted to know (and some you probably didn't) about lesbian, gay and, just about, bisexual culture.
Published by Cassell. £7.99. 0-304-34301-3.


How to be a Happy Homosexual by Terry Sanderson
A guide for gay men to all aspects of living a gay life in Britain today.
Published by Other Way Press. £6.95. 0-948982-07-1.

The New Our Right To Love - A lesbian resource book
A guide for lesbians to all aspects of leading a lesbian life.
Import published by Touchstone Books. £10.99. 0-684-80682-7.

Representing Bisexualities
A collection of essays looking at all aspectsof a bisexual life.
American import published by New York University Press. £15.25.

Outing Yourself by Michelangelo Signorile
A guide to coming out successfully in all aspects of your life.
Published by Penguin. £6.99 0-349-10679-7.

We Speak for Ourselves - The experiences of gay men & lesbians.
A look at all aspects of lesbian & gay peoples lives written by the late Jack Babusco, film critic and lesbian & gay switchboard worker.
Published by SPCK. £7.99 0-281-04349-3.

Gay & Grey - The older homosexual man
A collection of the experiences of gay men in their fifties and older in the United States.
Import published by Harrington Press. £10.99. 1-56023-875-5.

Talking Black - Lesbians of African and Asian descent speak out
The title says it all - the lives and experiences of lesbians from African & Asian communities.
Published by Cassell. £4.99. 0-304-32965-7.

Homophobia - How we all pay the price
Argues that homophobia, by refusing to acknowledge the diversity of humankind, diminishes all our lives.
Import published by Beacon Press. £14.99. 0-8070-7919-7.

Being a Lesbian Lorraine Trenchard
This book is designed to serve as a kind of introductory survival guide/ GMP 1989

Beyond Acceptance: Parents of Lesbians and Gays Talk about their Experience
Based on the experience of parents who have already been on the journey to acceptance of their gay daughter or son provides all the information a parent could want after hearing the words 'I'm gay' Caroline Griffin 0 312 16781 4 1996


A Manager's Guide to Sexual Orientation in the Workplace
Despite its American origins it has value as a guide to lesbian, gay & bisexual issues at work.Published by Routledge. £17.99. 0-415-91277-6.

NUT Lesbians and Gays in Schools An issue for every teacher
Useful booklet on many of the issues.


Action On Hate Crimes; Homophobic / Lesbian-Hating Violence & The Police
Report based on four community consultations which identifies issues of violence faced by lesbian & gay communities, how they are policed and makes specific recommendations. includes the specific voices of the lesbian & black communities.
Published by GALOP.

Lesbians' & Gay Men's Experience of Crime & Policing
By Carole Truman et al.
Report commissioned by the Greater Manchester Police to further develop understandings of lesbian & gay men's experience of crime and the police.
Published by Manchester Metropolitan University.

The Boys in Blue: Women's Challenge to the Police
Edited by Christina Dunhill.
Includes an excellent essay on lesbian hating violence and the police - Lesbians, Policing and the Changing Law by Caroline Natzler.
Published by Virago.

Sexual Orientation: Guidelines for the Police Service
By Matthew Windibank.
Described by the author as "practical assistance to all those wanting to prevent discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation".
Copies available from GALOP.

Trouble with the Law - A Guidebook for Lesbians and Gay Men
A comprehensive guide to how the law affects lesbians & gay men.
Published by GMP. £8.95 0-85449-156-2.

Lesbian Mother's Legal Handbook
By the feminist lawyers' group Rights of Women who have done so much to champion the rights of lesbian mothers through the courts of Britain.
Published by Women's Press. £3.95. 0-7043-440903-6.

Coming Out of the Blue British Police Officers talk about their lives in the 'Job' as lesbians , bisexuals and gays
Marc E. Burke Casssel 1993 0-304-32716-6


The Guide to Lesbian & Gay Parenting
Import published by April Martin. £12.99. 0-04-440903-6.

Parenting the LGB Way - Issue 15 of Pink Parents magazine (13/9/04)
More information here


Making Out - The book of lesbian sex & sexuality
A wide-ranging guide to all aspects of lesbian relationships and sexual pleasure.
Import published by Zoe Schramm Evans. £14.99 0-04-440932-X.

A to Z of Gay Sex
Written by the Gay Times columnist Terry Sanderson, this book wittily covers all aspects of gay male sexual expression.
Published by Other Way Press. £9.95. 0-948982-06-3.


Two Teenagers in Twenty
Writings by lesbian, gay & bisexual youth.
Import. £7.99. 1-55585-282-2.

Telling It Like It Is: Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Young People Speak Out on Homophobic Violence
Accounts of violence suffered by young lesbian, gay & bisexual young people that also highlights issues of gender and race. It also discloses homophobic bullying in schools.
Published by GALOP.


A) Theory & Research

Challenging Lesbian and Gay Inequalities in Education
Edited by Debbie Epstein, this is a collection of essays that look at many aspects of lesbian & gay issues in education.
Published by The Open University Press. £12.99. 0-335-19130-4.

Equality Matters - Case studies from the primary school
A collection of essays on all aspects of equality in primary education including one specifically addressing lesbian & gay issues.
Published by Multilingual Matters. 1-85359-180-7.

Playing It Safe
Very useful research by Terence Higgins Trust & Stonewall into attitudes of Secondary School teachers to Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual pupils, Homophobic Bullying, HIV & AIDS Education and Section 28. Shows clearly the presence of lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils in our schools.
Published by Terence Higgins Trust Publications.

Talking About Homosexuality In The Secondary School
An excellent collection of arguments for doing the work, background information for parents, teachers and governors and useful classroom materials.
Published by AVERT. £9.95. 1-898616-09-4.

Everyone is Special : A handbook for teachers on sexuality education
Edited by Lori Beckett, this collection of short pieces from Australia includes much useful work, including "Homophobia: What are we scared of?" by Ian Archer-Wright. It consists of writings both by known academics and school students.
Published by Association of Women Educators, Sandgate, Queensland.
Copies may be obtained from AWE National Office PO Box 299 Sandgate 4017 Australia Tel/fax07 3869 3433 email

Schooling Sexualities by Debbie Epstein & Richard Johnson
The first half of the book looks at sexuality and schooling in the public domain (politics, media etc.) and the second is mainly based on research into the lives and experiences of lesbians and gay men in the education system.
Published by Open University Press.

The Gay Teen: Educational Practice and Theory for Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Adolescents
American publication, edited by Gerald Unks, it contains a collection of personal pieces, research based articles and more polemic pieces calling for change.
Published by Routeledge, London & New York.

B) Suggested materials for Classroom & Library


Asha's Mums by Elwin & Paulse Toronto: Women's Press
Story of a little girl who lives in a lesbian household.

Everybody's Different by Langoulant. London: Blackie

When Megan Went Away by Severance. California: Lollipop Power Books

Lots of Mommies by Severance
California: Lollipop Power Books

Daddy's Roommate by Wilhoite
Alyson Publishers.

Gloria goes to Gay Pride by Newman.
Alyson Publishers.

Oliver Button is a Sissy by De Paula. Harcourt Brace Jovanovitch.

These and other similar books are available from Letterbox Library, Unit 2D, Leroy House, 426 Essex Road, London N1 3QP.

Stand up for us (also suitable for secondary school) DfES and Healthy Schools Partnership booklet on tackling homophobia. This document looks at ways in which schools can identify and challenge homophobia. It offers a framework to determine the extent of any homophobic bullying which is taking place and suggests practical steps to develop a supportive and inclusive environment.


Who Lies Inside by Timothy Ireland. Gay Men's Press. Excellent account of 17 year old male coming to terms with his gayness. Has been successfully taught as part of a GCSE syllabus.

Woman on the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy.
Brilliant novel about Conni Ramos a 37 yr. old Mexican-American whose life has been worn out by the brutality of racism and sexism. Discovering she can travel to the future she discovers a utopia, whose vision encourages her to act in the here and now. Women's Press

In the Tent by David Rees.
One of the many gay novels for young people written by this author, this is perhaps the most satisfying. Durhan: Dobson.

Happy Endings Are All Alike by Sandra Scoppetone.
This novel documents the developing lesbian relationship between two 16 yr old women and the reactions of those around them. However at the centre of the book there is a very graphic rape scene which would need very careful handling. New York:Dell.

A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood.
The last months of a gay Englishman living in California, this book is a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit. Has been used as an examination text. Penguin.

The Reach & Other Stories
Excellent collection of lesbian feminist stories, including Kestrels ( see lesson plans).
Onlywomen Press

Cracks in the Image
Mixed set of short stories, some unsuitable for classroom use, but contains the novella Messer Rondo, in which two twelve year old boys find similarities between their being bullied at school and the position of gay people. Excellent for lower secondary school. Gay Men's Press.

The Penguin Book of Homosexual Verse. Edited by Stephen Coote.
Excellent, wide-ranging collection of lesbian & gay poetry. A great resource book, but some of the material would be unsuitable for classroom use.

Human Rights for All? A Global view of Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Oppression and Liberation
An excellent resource pack for classroom use by secondary and further education teachers. A powerful multicultural and anti-racist perspective.
Published by Reading International Solidarity Campaign - see above.
£12.95 + £2 pp.

Colours of the Rainbow - Exploring Issues of Sexuality & Difference
Excellent resource book, full of exercises and information for primary schools upwards.
Available from Rescue Sales Promotion, St. Pancras Hospital, 4 St. Pancras Way, London NW1 0PE.
£12 + £3.60pp. Make cheques payable to Camden & Islington Community Health Services, NHS Trust.

The Nazi Extermination of Homosexuals Frank Rector
This book tells the heretofore untold story of the homosexuals and homosexuality in the Nazi Reich, the story of their slaughter and planned total annihilation.
Stein and Day 1981 0-8128-2729-5

Annie On My Mind by Nancy Garden
This tender, funny and bitter-sweet love story was chosen by the American Library Association as one of the Best Books for Young Adults. Virago Press 0-86068-271-4

What Lesbians Do In Books
This is the first British anthology of critical writing about lesbians as writers, readers and as characters in literature Women's Press 1991

Coming Out young lesbian and gay pack
Lesbian information service P.O. Box 8 Todmorden Lancashire, OL14 5TZ
Excellent resource pack very useful.

Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson
Popular story also a television series about a young lesbian coming out to
herself and her community Pandora Press

Gay and Lesbian Poetry in our Time
Comprehensive anthology St Martin's Press0-312-02213-1

Love Shook My Senses: lesbians love poems edt by Gillian Spraggs
This resonant book explores the passions, desires, grief's and joys of lesbian love and relationships 070434581 1 The Women's Press

The Threshing Floor Barbara Burford
Through the portrayal of different black women characters, the author presents us with empowering descriptions of their lives. Sheba 0-907179-48-7

Becoming Visible A reader in gay and lesbian history for high school and college students. Edt. Kevin Jennings.
·An American anthology of excellent articles and autobiographical material from the Greeks to the present day Aylson Publications1-55583-254-7

Sex Education Matters
Gives you details of new resources and publications, research and information about national initiatives affecting sex and relationships, education plus special issue factsheets on different aspects of sex education. Subscription introductory price of £15
Sex Education Forum, 8 Wakely Street, London EC1V 7QE