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Parenting the LGB Way

PinkParents Magazine Issue 15 is now available

As we show in this issue of the magazine, there are so many variations of LGB-headed families. Every family has its own unique story to tell of how we came to be and of how our day to day experiences go. In this issue we have aimed to share the joys as well as the lows - we all know that parenting can be a minefield. No parent is ever quite sure that we've got it right. We have to be led by our experiences. But this is just what being a parent is all about!

In these pages, you will hear from the whole spectrum of LGB-headed families - with stories from single parents, lesbian couples,
trans-racial couples, gay couples, the mother of a lesbian parent, a trans-lesbian couple, step-parents, foster carers and adoptive parents. What it illustrates is the diversity in the LGB-parenting community and the futility of stereotyping. Within each inspiring story there is something everyone can take from the lessons learnt, and the strength and the determination that poignantly comes across.

So often, discussions about LGB parenting are about becoming a parent rather than being a parent. In this issue, we have included only one article about becoming a parent and that one is about lesbians' experience of ManNotIncluded. Concerns about this exploitative service have sky rocketed in recent months and we felt it had to go in.

To order a copy:
Send £5 (inc p&p) to PinkParents, Box 55, Green Leaf Bookshop, 82 Colston St, Bristol BS1 5BB. Make cheques payable to PinkParents UK

Background information:
PinkParents is a UK-wide charity of, by and for lesbian, gay and bisexual parents, parents-to-be and their children, offering a quarterly magazine, website, publications, enquiry service, and workshops. Website

Charity number 1095492

September 2004