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We are now gearing up for LGBT+ History Month 2022!

The theme for next February is ‘Politics In Art – The Arc Is Long’.  Like every year since 2011, it is linked to a National Curriculum subject. We are visiting Art for the first time.

FREE resources are available, and we will be adding many more so visit both the general resources and the specific 2021 tabs.

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Given our current pandemic situation we can’t take anything for granted, so we are exploring how to be flexible and thinking of new ways of communicating. Keep visiting the website and our social media.

The Proud Trust work book that supports the 2021 theme is here 

In the meantime, we hope you keep safe.
In solidarity, The Schools OUT UK team

Schools OUT UK are proud of working with The Proud Trust to spread Schools OUT UK concepts of usualing, actualising and realising.

The Rainbow Flag Award partner organisations are thrilled to have the blessing of Sue Sanders and Schools OUT UK, to offer a complementary website to The Classroom, by developing and building on their great work, and offering you LGBT+ inclusive and LGBT+ specific lessons here.

Schools OUT UK are delighted to announce that as part of a grant we have secured from Comic relief, Schools OUT UK will be producing updated virtual resource for the classroom in 2021.

Both the partnership with The Proud Trust and Comic relief will enable teachers to easily access resource to ensure an inclusive education for all.

Schools OUT UK response to the Government’s consultation on GRA

DATE 27/11/20

As an organisation that works both in education and society at large we are deeply concerned that Transpeople are denied their human rights. We are baffled that many countries have made massive adjustments to meet the needs of Transpeople without any serious repercussions. We urge the government to take the earlier feedback from consultations seriously. We do welcome the recent moves and as you will see below we consider them to not to be anywhere near sufficient.

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