Birmingham Students’ “Prevelance of Homophobia” Survey Published

Elly Barnes of Educate and Celebrate has conducted a Prevalence of Homophobia Survey amongst the children of Birmingham’s schools, on behalf of Birmingham City Council.

674 children from all Key Stages were surveyed around Birmingham, which was a first. 55.7% of them said they are hearing the word ‘gay’ being used pejoratively around school on a daily basis, and that while they are hearing similar comments outside school they occur less frequently.

Many of them feel that their schools are not doing enough to tackle the problem of homo/bi/trans phobia – although they did think their teachers would deal with incidents of bullying.

The survey is in two parts, available as PDF documents. Click the links below, then ‘attachment’ :

Prevalence Of Homophobia Surveys 2013

Birmingham Students Survey 2013

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