Oldham based Theatre Company making waves Nationally, still largely ignored in home town.

Pink Triangle Theatre, who are officially two years old today, would like to share with you the monitoring results of our very recent performances / workshops at Wood Green Academy in Wednesbury. A bold and pro-active school who decided to tackle homophobia by having every single student and teacher watch our show and take part in our discussion workshops.

The feedback and monitoring results speak for themselves.

Pink Triangle Theatre founder and director Paul Burgess said – “I still find it incredible that not one single school in our home town of Oldham, where homophobia is well documented as a constant and growing problem, has ever even replied to correspondence from us, let alone come to see one of the many free shows we have set up specifically for them in the town” We also find that our emails to all Oldham Councillors are rarely, if ever, responded to, and are sometimes even being deleted without being read”

Jason Bromely, husband of Paul Burgess and co-founder / director added – “It would be wonderful if schools in Oldham were more proactive, as oppose to reactive. Young LGBT people continue to suffer, often in silence, with little help or support as Ofsted announce new measures to monitor and ensure schools cater for LGBT students and tackle issues. We can not sit back and wait for the next horrific attack or worse to happen in Oldham, before schools are spurred into action”.

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