We at Schools OUT UK wish to condemn the atrocity in Orlando and convey our sympathy, support and solidarity with: the dead, the dying, the injured and the traumatised; the grieving, the mourning and the as yet uninformed partners, family and friends; the LGBT community and all their allies and everyone else who has been affected.

President Obama called it an act of ‘terror’ and an act of ‘hate’. It was both. In fact it was precisely both.

Terrorism is the resort of the desperate; they kill to destabilise nations.

Hate is a learned behaviour; we are not born to hate.
Hate can be homophobia; biphobia; transphobia as well as sexism and racism.

Terror and of hate make lethal partners. Schools OUT UK believes both can be prevented through education. By Educating out Prejudice we can have schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions that are safe spaces; that make LGBT people in all their diversity visible; that raise awareness of the issues that LGBT people face and promote LGBT wellbeing. If we demonstrate the importance of equality and diversity to our young people we will enable them to be resilient when faced by those who seek to promote terror and hate.

Tony Fenwick CEO

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