Scotland Moves Towards an LGBT Inclusive Curriculum – with Catholic Approval


PIONEERING Scots teachers are laying the groundwork for a radical new school curriculum which will put LGBTI issues at the centre of education.


The plan would be the first in Europe to put LGBTI – lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and intersex – children on an equal footing with heterosexual pupils. The only other nation moving towards such a position is Australia.


Campaign group Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) is calling for mandatory teaching of LGBTI issues in schools to end discrimination and bullying in the hope that it will “save lives”. This would see LGBTI issues discussed in the same way that heterosexual issues are discussed in schools.


TIE believes the new moves will end the “culture of silence” around issues faced by LGBTI people. Campaigners says Scottish schools are a “breeding grounds” for bullying and abuse which can contribute to self-harming and suicide.

It is sixteen years since the repeal of Section 28 in Scotland – which prevented the “promotion” of homosexuality in classrooms – but that legislation has left an unwanted legacy of discrimination which still needs tackled, according to TIE.

And in a first, the Catholic Church in Scotland has expressed its full approval of TIE’s proposals.

To read more about the new curriculum read the full story from the Herald here


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