Sue and Andrew on BBC Radio London/ Sue on LBC Radio

This morning (7th November) from 9am, on the Vanessa Feltz radio programme SOUK co-chair Sue Sanders and Sean Dellenty, founder of Inclusion For All led a phone-in on the use of the word ‘gay’ in London schools. This programme went a little further by asking whether teachers should be ‘out’ at their schools. Promotions Officer Andrew Dobbin also made a contribution in the broadcast.

As always Sue was clear on the need for usualising in the classroom and the need for teachers to be role models to all students including those LGBT.

With the debate around this issue rapidly becoming circular, and with many misconceived viewpoints being put forward (inlcuding those of a journalist who contributes to Catholic Voice who once again misleadingly reduced the discussion to that of sexuality and sex rather than identity and the positive self-image of all forms of sexual orientation) it was disappointing that neither Sue nor Sean were given any airtime after their initial comments.

Andrew was able to make some points later, as the topic was given a much longer timeslot than the others in the 3 hour programme. This programme comes soon after Will Young’s comments on the homophobic culture still prevelent in many schools.

Later the same day Sue also appeared on a similar-themed phone-in on LBC Radio – though some of the views of other callers were considerably wilder than those expressed on the BBC!

You can listen, download and leave feedback on both programmes below:   BBC Radio London (9am)    LBC Radio (4pm)


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