Teachers stand up against homophobia

Teachers voted unanimously to voice their support for Schools OUT and LGBT History Month at the National Union of Teachers (NUT) Conference over the Easter weekend.

They also agreed to campaign for the recording and reporting of homophobic and transphobic incidents in schools; a national training programme for equality and diversity training for teachers and working with other groups such as Love Music hate Homophobia (LMHH) to combat prejudice and divisive groups such as the English Defence league (EDL)

Speakers for the motion included LGBT Advisory Committee (AC) Chair Dave Brinson (pictured), who congratulated Annette Pryce (Buckinghamshire Division Secretary) for being the first LGBT member to be elected to the NUT executive’s new LGBT reserved place, before announcing he was going to marry his partner next month – adding, “and I don’t care what anybody else calls it.” He also raised concern about the assertion made by Education Secretary Michael Gove that the Equality Act ‘does not apply to the curriculum’.

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