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Pride House Holds Picnic and Games Day

Bring your own lunch to share food and fun with our own mini Pride House Games. Egg and spoon, sack race, and all the classics on offer, as well as rounders!

Scotland: Schools research shows gay students facing homophobia

Stonewall teachers report 2012

New research carried out by the University of Cambridge for Stonewall Scotland’s School Report Scotland 2012 has found that 52 per cent of lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils in Scottish secondary schools experience homophobic bullying.

The Guardian’s World Pride Power List

As the UK gears up to host World Pride 2012, it’s time for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community to shout about what they’ve achieved. So welcome to the World Pride Power List 2012, spanning the worlds of business,
politics, arts and entertainment.

Gay young people still face bullying at school

Stonewall teachers report 2012

A report by Stonewall highlights how many teachers still treat homophobic insults as mere ‘banter’, with severe consequences for young people. Janet Murray talks to teenagers about their school lives

Most teachers not trained to deal with anti-gay bullying, report finds

LGBT campaign group SchoolsOUT calls for UK schools to better equip teachers to tackle homophobic bullying following Ofsted report

UK infant schools praised for teaching trans kids to ‘express themselves’

Ofsted logo

Infant schools in the UK have been praised by inspectors for identifying children as young as four as transgender.

The report by education watchdog Ofsted found that children in primary schools were encouraged to express themselves and allowed to dress as the opposite sex.

Schools were applauded for appreciating ‘that a boy may prefer to be known as a girl and have a girl’s name and similarly a girl may have a girl’s name but wants to dress as and be a boy.’

Ofsted report: Schools should do more to tackle anti-gay language

Ofsted logo

An Ofsted report into school approaches to bullying has suggested teachers do not always feel able to tackle issues like homophobic bullying and derogatory language and that most schools are not ‘sharp’ enough on their analysis of bullying behaviour.

Euro 2012: Germany’s First Openly Gay Pro Football Player Calls On Merkel to Denounce Anti-Gay Laws in Ukraine

Two days before the kick off of Euro 2012, All Out members are joining with the first openly gay professional football player in Germany, Marcus Urban, in urging Merkel to use the Euro 2012 to denounce human rights violations and the anti-gay crackdown happening now in Ukraine.

Welsh Government: Catholic Schools must promote pro-gay marriage campaign to ensure political balance

A Welsh Government investigation into PinkNews.co.uk’s revelation that the Catholic Education Service encouraged schools to promote a petition against same-sex marriage has concluded that this may have led to schools breaking laws on political balance.

Teachers stand up against homophobia

Teachers voted unanimously to voice their support for Schools OUT and LGBT History Month at the National Union of Teachers (NUT) Conference over the Easter weekend.

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