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Birmingham Students’ “Prevelance of Homophobia” Survey Published

82.6% of Birmingham students understand that the word ‘gay’ used in the wrong context is offensive

Fired lesbian high school physical education teacher Carla Hale says: ‘This is not the end’

After 19 years, she was axed by Catholic school because her partner’s name appeared in her mother’s obituary (USA)

Homophobia in school sport must be challenged, says TUC

This report makes for grim reading and shows how homophobia is still part and parcel of school and college sport. – Frances O’Grady

Gay students: invisible on campus? – The Guardian

The NUS plans to collect more information on the number and experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students

Teachers March In Memory Of Meadows

Teachers and pupils march through Accrington to remember Lucy Meadows

London Teacher Suspended For Homophobic Language

classroom ban on a Christian school teacher in south-east London who condemned the “homosexual lifestyle” in front of pupils has been upheld by the High Court. Robert Haye told a Year 11 class of students aged 15-16 at Deptford Green School in Lewisham that gay people’s lives were “disgusting” and a sin. On another occasion, he told students aged 13-14 “anyone who worships on Sunday is basically worshipping the devil”. The 43-year-old and his family belong to the Seventh-day Adventist Church, …

Poll: 6% of British people think Section 28 was Margaret Thatcher’s biggest failure

YouGov have released a poll reflecting the divisive nature of Margaret Thatcher’s politics, which revealed that 6% of British people thought that Section 28, a law banning the “promotion” of homosexuality in schools, was her worst policy ever. The Conservative former prime minister died on Monday, aged 87 from a stroke. Her politics on gay issues proved to be divisive for the LGBT community. She voted for the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1967; however, her government  in 1987 introduced Section …

Teachers’ Leader Accuses Government of ‘Neutering’ Equality and Human Rights Commission

A Teachers’ Union leader in February accused the Government of “encouraging a culture of contempt where discrimination can flourish” by ‘neutering’ the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and dismissing Equality Impact Assessments. Chris Keates, General Secretary of the Teachers Union the NASUWT (pictured), made the statement after a survey held in situ at the annual LGBT Teachers Conference in Birmingham on February the 23rd. The survey, which used ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ style handsets to test the audience’s reaction to several …

Birmingham Homophobia Figures Revealed

  A survey on homophobia in Birmingham schools reveals shocking levels of homophobia and a demand by teachers for whole school training to challenge discrimination based on sexual orientation. The Prevalence of Homophobia Survey, carried out by Birmingham National Union of Teachers and published on the Schools OUT website, reveals that 93% of Birmingham’s teachers have witnessed a homophobic incident, 26% have been on the receiving end of a homophobic incident and 72% of in-service teachers want whole school equality and diversity training. Among Newly- Qualified Teachers (NQTs) …

How I built a career in LGBT education

Elly Barnes has devoted her career to helping schools become environments in which LGBT students and teachers can thrive without fear of discrimination. She talks to Emily Drabble of the Guardian

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