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Safer Schools through Acknowledging Diversity

How much does this inset training cost?

No more than £20 per person per session plus expenses

Why should we make time to take this training?

Recent legislation has placed a variety of duties on schools and staff that demand both understanding and action on diversity issues. Failure to comply with the legislation could put the school at a disadvantage.

What will the training achieve?

• It will enable staff to understand the implications of recent diversity legislation and the duties it imposes on schools.

• It will build confidence and competence of staff in dealing with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues in the curriculum and dealing effectively with homophobia and transphobia.

• It will explore effective ways of dealing with bullying both proactively and reactively.

• It will prepare the school staff to recognise how all the recent legislations and need for action plans can be dovetailed and be more effective in affecting the school culture.

This is just one of the models we provide, we always design the training to meet the needs of the school.

How long does the training take?

1. One inset session, with the governors and senior leadership team, to explore the new guidance, duties and liabilities that apply across the curriculum and across the whole life of the school. It will examine specific case studies, to give senior staff the skills and insight to tackle a variety of issues.

Minimum of two and a half hours.

2. In a later inset session, the material is cascaded to all staff, through presentations and through small study groups led by the newly skilled senior staff. Minimum of two and half hours.

What will the training consist of?

The project deals with all eight of the ‘protected characteristics’ of equality: gender, race, faith, ethnicity, disability, trans and sexual orientation pregnancy and maternity. It offers some models to help staff understand the implications of the legislation and inform their way of thinking. It is designed to emphasise the inclusion of LGBT issues and the bullying of LGBT pupils and staff. This is an area in which most teachers profess to be uncertain and ill-equipped. Both sessions are tailored, in discussion with senior staff, to meet the needs of each individual school.

What is Chrysalis?

Sue Sanders instigated Chrysalis in 1998 to provide training in diversity awareness, employment regulations, school bullying and legislative compliance. Chrysalis includes trainers from all six strands of diversity. They also research and analyse staff and community needs and have worked for a wide range of organisations, from the public and voluntary sectors.

Who is Sue Sanders?

Sue Sanders is the co-chair of Schools OUT

LGBT History Month  and the classroom she has an excellent record in delivering anti-bullying training to schools in London and across the country. She works with the Police, CPS, LEAs, and many other bodies and is often a keynote speaker at conferences.

What legislative documents you are referring to

United Nations Rights of the Child (1990)

Learning and Skills Act 2000 and the Sex and Relationships Guidance 2000 and 2004

Race Relations (Amendment) Act (2000)

Equal Age of Consent 2001

Children Act (1989, 2002, 2004)

Sexual Orientation, and Religion and Belief Discrimination Regulations (2003)

Civil Partnership Act 2004

Gender Recognition Bill (2004)

Disability Equality Duty (2006)

Gender Equality Duty (2007)

Goods and Services Provision (2007)

DCSF guidance on homophobia (2007)

Social Cohesion Duty September 2007

Equality Act 2010

Has this been tried before?
This is a tried and tested inset model given to many schools by Chrysalis, staff have left feeling confident and competent to deal with the issues, and with an enthusiastic commitment to do so.The words ‘inspiration’ and ‘confirms me in my work’, ‘could have listened to Sue Sanders all day and realise I’ve so much more to learn’ peppered the evaluation sheets. Many schools now feel they can bring their diversity policies alive. June Sherlock, North Lincolnshire.
 Sue Sanders worked with a group of staff, parents and governors at Hitherfield Primary School to review our Equality of Opportunity Policy. She was instrumental in the development of an inclusive, forward thinking policy and the group found her inspiring and challenging. I would recommend her support and advice to any organisation looking to develop policy and practice.Chris Ashley-Jones, Head of Hitherfield Primary School.
Yo You will be delighted to know that you achieved a 100% approval rating from both groups, It i It is clear that this is now an issue which can be discussed without any controversial overtones by pupils who are far better informed and “at ease” about the subject.The Reverend Philip Tait, recently Chaplain of Royal Russell School.Thi  This has been the best inset training I have ever had. Teacher at Riddlesdown School.020 7635 0476 / 07960 493544

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