Good practice guidelines for the assessment and treatment of adults with gender dysphoria

The Royal College of Psychiatrists Good Practice Guidelines are on view at:

These best practice guidelines – which are endorsed by 13 separate organisations – have been drawn up by a multidisciplinary working group that included representation from psychiatry, endocrinology, gynaecology, urology, general practice, nursing, psychology, psychotherapy and speech and language therapy, as well as representation from patient groups. It is the first time that so many different groups have come together to agree a common set of guidelines.

Thuis is a document on advice and treatment for people with gender dysphoria following consultation with – among others – GIRES. Among its recommendations it states that there is a paucity of research into transgender issues, and people with GD need to be empowered to make their own informed decisions and that they need continuous lifelong (if necessary) support from the relevant services.

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