Proud Trust LGBT+ History Month Education Pack 2021


I am thrilled to be introducing you to The Proud Trust resource and education pack, that supports the themes of LGBT+ History Month 2021. You will find activities that will engage your young people, in whatever setting you are working with them, classroom, youth group, scout or guides, or other club, in discovering concepts that they may not have previously linked to LGBT+ people. The whole point of LGBT+ History Month is to celebrate LGBT+ people in all their diversity, and in doing so,
educate out prejudice.
On the LGBT+ History Month website you will find more resources about the five “faces”, the people we have chosen to represent this years’ theme of “Body, Mind and Spirit”. There you’ll also find many more free resources, including previous years’ education and resource packs from The Proud Trust: I think this year’s resource and education pack is particularly exciting as it is not only supporting theme for 2021, but also encourages your young people to take their place in LGBT+ history, by being part of the process of designing the LGBT+ History Month badge/logo for 2022.  I am confident that in using this resource and education pack you will discover many new ideas, and new ways of presenting and thinking about LGBT+ identities. Our hope is that it will encourage you to continue to usualise LGBT+ people throughout the year, so that all of your young people will gain confidence in expressing who they are, and develop respect and interest in the diversity of all people.
My thanks as ever to the talented people of The Proud Trust and I look forward to hearing from you as to how you have used this resource pack. We have a space on the LGBT+ History Month website, where you can report on what you did, here:

I hope LGBT+ History Month 2021 will be a fun and a valuable event to enable us all to be proud, and celebrate who we are.

In Solidarity

Professor Emeritus Sue Sanders, Chair, Schools OUT UK

December 2020


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