Scotland’s Antibullying Website

Homophobic bullying has been reported in primary, as well as secondary schools. It may be directed at young people of any sexual orientation and at children who have not yet reached puberty. Teachers, parents and other adults in schools may also be bullied in this way.

Homophobic bullying in schools can be a problem in a number of ways:

  • Children who experience it have their education disrupted. They may be unable to concentrate on lessons because of feelings of fear or anger. Their self-confidence may be damaged and, as a result, they may never fulfil their academic potential.
  • It can be a particular problem for teenagers who are confused or unsure about their own developing sexuality. Some victims are driven to the edge of despair or beyond, with lasting consequences for their emotional health and development.
  • Schools that ignore it, or deny its existence, are not helping young people to develop a concern for the welfare of minorities and tolerance of difference.

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