Stop Hate Now

Our campaign site aims to help the gay community with information, news, support and ways of reporting including third party

We believe there are many reasons why reporting is so low in Surrey and we can all do our bit to help raise the profile of hate crime and ways we can all report it.

We understand that while confidence is low its time we speak out and tell the authorities about the issues surrounding our everyday lives

Surrey Police and its partners including the charity Gay Surrey take Hate Crime very seriously and treat it as a priority when reported. Not only does reporting an incident provide valuable information to the police that may lead to the arrest of offenders, but recording incidents enables the police to build up patterns of behaviour and areas of concern.
Definition of Hate Crime and Hate Incident
Hate Crime is a broad term taken to mean any crime where the perpetrators’ prejudice against an identifiable group of people is a factor in determining who is victimised. This would include race, homophobia, disability and religious grounds. So if an individual believed she/he is a victim because he/she is part of a group, the crime would be recorded as a hate crime.

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