This teachers’ pack was written by Paul Patrick – now alas dead – and Sue Sanders in 1999, when Southwark Council held what we think was the first local council led conference to explore how to tackle homophobia in schools. Looking back on it now it is shocking to see how relevant it remains today.

However there are far more up-to-date statistics now of how young people suffer in schools and there is more information on what teachers have to deal with (see the schools OUT website). There are now many more resources available for teachers – including books, DVDs, teachers’ packs and lesson plans – so we now have the brand new website The Classroom.

Not only is The Classroom a one-stop-shop with new lesson plans written in conjunction with the National Curriculum across all key stages and subject areas; it is also a link to a huge range of resources. What is more, it offers teachers a simple method to help them enact new legislation that requires teachers to meet the needs of all protected characteristics: formerly known as equality strands; more formerly known as minorities.

The Classroom:

  • tells us all about the VisiAble method of enabling students to understand equality and diversity;
  • debunks the binary model of gender that we use on a day-to-day basis; thus enabling homophobia and transphobia in our classrooms. Read it and see why.

Having said all that, this little pack has useful practical information that a busy teacher from any subject area in primary or secondary education will find useful.

Download the document below

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